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Birthdate:Feb 3
There are many shows I watch but very few I stay in fandoms for.
Fandoms I participate in or have participated in: Battlestar Galatcica (the new one not the old version - which was shit), Star Trek (mostly Voyager) and Fringe.

I watch a lot of other shows but the shows above are the shows I care enough to write fic, create icons or make videos for. I'm also ship the following characters: Adama/Roslin, Janeway/Chakotay and Peter/Olivia who are my favourites. I also like Kara/Anders, Leoban/Kara, Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Seven, Lee/Roslin, Roslin/Zarek, Roslin/Adar and Roslin/Caprica Six. (Unpopular Opinion warning)I also don't mind how they ended Kara/Lee and it has nothing to do with me liking Kara/Anders, their ending just made sense to me.
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